• DunAn Environment 2017 Thailand Technical Seminars Well Finished
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    DunAn Environment 2017 Thailand technical seminars were successfully held on April 19. With the theme of energy saving and environmental-friendly refrigeration fittings, the seminars were brought to Toshiba Carrier and Thailand Daikin. DunAn Environment conducted close and comprehensive communication with clients in Thailand market with newest product lines and overall system solutions.

    The technical seminars used real show and technical lecture to present the technical highlights and technology advantages of DunAn’s products. Dr. Chen Liang from DunAn Environment Refrigeration Fittings Institute and Dr. Han Runhu from DunAn Thermal and Industrial Control Division were the keynote speakers. 

    "We hope to fully communicate and research with our customers through the seminars and to provide more perfect products and solutions." Dr. Chen Liang said, "Our job is to find, understand and lead the needs of the customers, therefore further to create products and solutions which are closer to customers’ demand.”

    Through several technical seminars, Thailand customers had a deeper understanding about the product lines, new technology and solutions of DunAn Environment. DunAn not only achieved several cooperation development intentions with Toshiba carrier and Thailand Daikin, but also listened to the real voices from Thailand market and customers, which provides a lot of valuable information for follow-up research and development. 

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