• Zhejiang’s Provincial Secretary Xia Baolong Visited DunAn Thailand
    Data:2017-04-17  Source:澳门金沙国际唯一

    On April 6, Xia Baolong, Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the CPC led a delegation of more than 10 people from Zhejiang Overseas Affairs Office and Thailand Chinese-funded chamber of commerce  to DunAn Thailand during their friendly visit to Thailand. Xia Baolong pointed out that a large number of successful companies like DunAn Environment are the model of “Go Globlal” development among Zhejiang enterprises. Companies like DunAn is the pioneer of China’s "the Belt and Road Initiatives" policy and they must unswervingly stick with this road to and make larger contribution for the implementation of national strategy.

    During a panel discussion, Mr. Jiang Tinghou, President of DunAn Environment introduced to the delegation about DunAn’s overall product upgrading dominated by the direction of “saving energy and optimizing environment”.  The company will continue to launch a series of new products based on MEMS technology as the core, and positively response to the national policy to speed up the internationalization strategic layout. DunAn Thailand is set to be the manufacturing center that covers Southeast Asia and India market in the near future.

    Xia Baolong said in the discussion that Thailand is an important member of the Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN) and also the important bridge and platform for Zhejiang enterprises to develop Southeast Asia market. Zhejiang enterprises should make full use of resource and market advantages of Thailand and Southeast Asia and explore Thailand, ASEAN market and global market. Secretary Xia also noted that the Chinese companies who attended the meeting should learn from DunAn’s entrepreneurial ambition of "to be the No. 1 in the industry". He hoped everyone to constantly sum up experience and work together for common development and win honor for China under the support of local governments at all levels.

    After the panel discussion, Xia Baolong and the delegation visited the service and tube assembly factories of DunAn Thailand. Secretary Xia was full of praise of DunAn’s automatic production line, lean manufacturing and 5S management. At the same time, he sent his best regards to compatriots in the foreign country and told DunAn’s employees to pay attention to safety and respect the local laws and traditions.